Mila is a little pocket rocket from the outback. She’s incredibly intelligent and eager to please. Mila is always ready for a game and loves to run around. She needs daily stimulation to keep her mind occupied, but this could be as simple as a 15 minute training or play session.
Mila does have an ‘off’ switch and loves nothing more than to snuggle up with her humans.

Because of her high level of intelligence, Mila can be a little bossy. She needs a human that is able to provide her with clear boundaries, so that she knows how to behave. She will rise to the occasion once she is sure she knows how to impress you.

Mila has grown up in a remote area and will need someone who is patient in slowly socialising her in a range of situations. A lot of parts of suburban life are completely new to her.

She is fabulous with adult humans but is terrified of children due to some past experiences. With time, patience and training, she may be able to overcome this fear. Mila is taking Lovan – an economical and safe medication for anxiety.

Mila is the most affectionate and loving little girl. Once she builds trust in you, she is the most excellent companion.

Mila loves playing with other dogs her size (approx. 16kg) and could benefit from a home with another playful young dog.

Mila has strong basic obedience, including:
– toilet training
– Sitting for food
– Sitting for a duration
– Drop
– Recall
– Loose lead walking (with treats)
– Sleeping in a crate
She would love to learn more!