Bella is a 15 year old brown Thoroughbred mare. She has been broken to ride although has not been under saddle for 3+ years. Bella is 16 hands high and has lots of energy. She will be suited to an intermediate to experienced rider only after some training and handling. She will be suitable for handling by an intermediate to experienced horse owner. She can be a bit pushy on the ground at times and so an assertive and confident handler work on this education with her. She is a very pretty horse and tends to become highly energised around male horses with the odd squeal and pawing at the fence. She has been kept in a herd with one gelding and was happy and comfortable in that arrangement. She has also been kept with her best friend Maddy and took over the herd leader role when it was just the two of them. Bella is not suitable for a beginner horse rider.
As a Thoroughbred, Bella will require some hard feed during the winter months to keep her condition. She’ll also require appropriate rugging and shelter