The beautiful Scout came to Forever Friends in January 2022- after being surrendered by her owner whose personal circumstances changed. Scout is 17 hands high and approximately 15 years old. She was a former racehorse. Scout has been broken to ride although we have not had her under saddle yet.

During our interactions with Scout, we have found that she likes to be handled by patient and caring humans. She had not been handled for more than 12 months so her ground manners are a bit rusty. She is easy to catch however does not like to stand still for long periods of time. We’ve had her feet trimmed already and she did okay with that.

Scout has a very maternal quality and likes to be keep her bonded paddock buddies within site at all times. She demonstrates some separation anxiety when her paddock mates leave the paddock. We feel she will bond with a new herd and that bond will be very strong as well.

Potential adopters should be intermediate to experienced horse people as Scout developed some defensive habits in the racing industry that will take time to rehabilitate e.g biting. She requires somebody who is assertive with her and also understanding and patient with her rehabilitation. Potential adopters should be comfortable with a horse of her size and current behaviors. We will continue to work on both aspects while she is in our care.

As a Thoroughbred, Scout will require some hard feed during the winter months to keep her condition. She’ll also require appropriate rugging and shelter.

Scout’s forever home will be ready to love and care for her – both mentally and physically. They’ll need to provide lots of physical interaction and exercise to keep her engaged and strong guidance to help her feel safe and secure. Her forever home will have other permanent horses so that she will always have a paddock companion.

Scouts’ feet trims and health checks are up to date.

Are you Scout’s Forever Friend?